Studio Hear Hear is a creative studio with a focus on handmade ceramics, woodwork and slow living. 
The studio is run by Samuël and Rena, husband & wife, explorers and makers.

Studio Hear Hear offers a range of handmade objects and a small selection of well designed and responsibly made goods. Both products made in the studio and selected items are characterised by simplicity and authenticity. We go by the “quality not quantity” quote which means that we like to keep the selection of brands and designs clear and limited. 

In 2018 we’ve moved from the Netherlands to Norway to be closer to nature and follow our dreams of running a workshop and to slow down and live more sustainable. We are planning on offering creative retreats where you can enjoy being surrounded by nature in combination with wood- and ceramic workshops. 


Hear Hear started out as a small online shop and blog in 2011 before expanding to a ‘tiny two story shop’ in Amsterdam in 2012. After three turbulent years founder Rena Noordermeer decided at the beginning of 2016 to close down the brick and mortar shop to continue as a design studio and online shop again.

In Sept 2018 we moved from the Netherlands to Norway.


With nature as our inspiration, we believe that it is very important to focus on and work with eco friendly products and brands. We try to work with sustainable and organic materials as much as possible..

We’re in this together

By buying things we support the love and energy put into a product by it’s maker. The products collected by Hear Hear are from people who share our vision about responsible consumerism and care about the world we live in. Welcome to the club!

Rena Noordermeer – ceramist, houseplant specialist, interior aficionado.

“Whether it’s creating ceramics, giving advice on plant care, hosting workshops and events or collaborating with creatives and brands, I always try to add my easy-going aesthetic and drive to create things that are inspiring and feel-good.”

Samuël Dirksz – woodworker, entrepeneur, product manager, branding & social media marketeer.

“With a broad interest in what life and living has to offer, I’ve followed a variety of studies and worked in a wide area of expertise. My main interest is being curious and eager to learn more. In this search of development I’ve been working as an entrepreneur for over 20 years.”