Testing Philips Hue White Ambiance

Finding the right lighting for the studio has been a struggle form the beginning, it was either to warm and cosy or cold and bright. A little over a week ago I received the smart Philips Hue LED bulbs and they are the perfect solution!

A little information as being given on the website of Philips Hue:
Philips Hue white ambiance can help you to fall asleep and wake up gently. It can energize you and help you to concentrate, read and relax. Set the right ambiance for any moment with a range of beautiful, natural white light. Use the Philips Hue app to set any shade of white light, from cool energizing daylight to relaxing warm white light. Continue reading

Get together – the second plant swap edition

Sunday the 6th of november I hosted another wonderful get together in the studio. My partner in crime Anne – Inspire Styling – was there to help me with the styling. A big shout out to Anne for bringing the best vintage mugs with her this time (I mean, a guinea pig mug!).

The idea about the get together’s is to casually meet new people and hang around the studio and it was such a lovely day again.
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Get together – the picknick edition part 1.

July’s get together was all about a midsummer picknick. I’m the first to admit that my food always turns out rather bland so I teamed up with Foodbandits to make sure that the table would be set with the most delicious food! Suus & Johann were happy to jump in and bake something sweet (chocolate and peanut butter pie!) and created a few tastefull recepies which we served at the gathering. The perfect styling was done by Anne from Inspire styling who brought 1001 pretty dishes, cutlery and fresh picked flowers.

It was really all about great food and creative people coming together and it was such a lovely day.

Thanks Anne, Suus, Johann, Anne, Hanke, Marieke, Marije, Bo, Lynn and Emma for all the side dishes and the good company!
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Studio Hear Hear get together – the plant swap editon

Last saturday I hosted a small get together to meet up and exchange plants with fellow plant lovers and (urban)gardeners. The idea was not to get rid of an ‘ugly’ plant but about bringing a swap worthy plant to make someone happy. Six lovely ladies turned up and we had such a good time. The weather was warm and sunny and thanks to the styling skills of Anne (Inspire Styling) the studio and the table setting looked prefect.

Thanks Anne, Anne, Anniek, Ilse and Tonke for the plants to swap and the good company and Danique (Oak & Fir) for capturing the get together so amazingly!

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