Testing Philips Hue White Ambiance

Finding the right lighting for the studio has been a struggle form the beginning, it was either to warm and cosy or cold and bright. A little over a week ago I received the smart Philips Hue LED bulbs and they are the perfect solution!

A little information as being given on the website of Philips Hue:
Philips Hue white ambiance can help you to fall asleep and wake up gently. It can energize you and help you to concentrate, read and relax. Set the right ambiance for any moment with a range of beautiful, natural white light. Use the Philips Hue app to set any shade of white light, from cool energizing daylight to relaxing warm white light.

Philips Hue will help get you out of bed the way you like it, helping you start your day feeling refreshed. The light brightness increases gradually mimicking the effect of sunrise and helps you wake up naturally, instead of being woken up by the loud sound of an alarm clock. Start your day, the right way. In the evening, the relaxing warm white light helps you to unwind, relax and prepare your body for a good night’s sleep.

Light influences our mood, behavior, alertness and routines. Philips Hue White Ambiance helps you to feel better and allows you to customize your daily routines into moments you can enjoy. Feel the difference.
Relax – Put your feet up and relax with the soft glow of white light for the perfect end of the day. Relaxing white light can help you to unwind in the evening and sleep better at night.
Concentrate – Stay focused with finely tuned bright white light. It can help you get things done quickly and efficiently without distractions, whether you’re studying for an exam, working from home, or choosing the perfect outfit to look your best.
Feel energized – Skip your morning coffee and get ready for the day with cool, bright white daylight that helps to energize your body and mind. Perfect for those moments when your batteries are running low and you need a kickstart.
Reading – Get lost in your favorite book for hours on end with Philips Hue. It provides you with the right white light for a perfect read.
Create your ambiance – Set the right ambiance for any moment and decorate your home with warm to cool white light. Enjoy different styles throughout the year, no matter if it’s the crisp white light reminding you of a spring breeze, the warm white light of a summer sun, or the ice cool daylight of winter.

I must say that the Hue took me by surprise. I’m not that into gadgets and I did not expect to be this enthusiastic about lighting but it truly comes in handy. I enjoy being able to adjust the light just by using the app on my phone while hanging on the couch or working on my ceramics. I was happy to receive the White Ambiance but for the somewhat more adventurous people there’s also a White & Colour Ambiance version which allows you to choose from 16 million colours in the Hue app to match the light to your mood. The bulbs have been improved with deeper green, cyan and blue for even better scene setting in your home.

Getting started is easy peasy, just follow the following steps:
1. Power your light sources.
2. Set up your bridge.
3. Download the Philips Hue app and connect to your bridge.
4. Play around and experience light in ways you had never imagined.

It’s even possible to download third party apps and discover more amazing things you can do with Philips Hue.

Playing around in the studio:

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